amberzombie (amberzombie) wrote in bbq_flavored,

am I the first?

Is this fan club still active? I just now came across this and it would be awesome if this was as busy as some other shrines i've been to. I think that choji is the best character from Naruto and he deserves more recognition than he gets.
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Well, since Chouji isn't dead, I wouldn't really call this a shrine, but I agree with you.
this comminity needs more members, and I'm going to advertize it wherever I can.
Ah, but one of the definitions of a shrine is a place at which devotion is paid to a venerated person. They don't necessarily have to be dead. :)

I plan on telling others about this place too. I just wonder why it was created and then forgotten by the creator. They didn't even post a welcoming message or anything.