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A newbie with a fic

Hello everyone! I found this community and i just had to join, i love Chouji! But i seriously love Shikamaru and Chouji together. Well I just thought that I'd bring a little gift. This story is crossposted in a bunch of different places but I just thought I'd include it here for your (hopeful) enjoyment!

Title: Rain
Pairing: Chouji/Shikamaru
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and never will
A/N: This is one part of the entire fic that i wrote, the other parts have different pairings but this can work as a stand alone fic. If interested the rest of the fic is located in my journal.

The rain makes you even more lazy then usual. No one believes it until they see it but it’s true. You sit on the door step under the veranda and watch the rain. Your not the biggest fan of rain because it keeps you from watching the clouds. You know you could watch the storm clouds, but then you’d be to lazy to move and then you’d probably drown, and that’s not the brightest thing to do. So you sit and watch the rain and think because you’re a genius and that’s what you do. Your to smart and you can’t turn your brain off and sometimes it hurts to just do nothing but think. Maybe that’s why your so lazy and don’t care, your to busy thinking to care about anything else. So you sit and watch and think.

You hear the door open behind you but it’ll take to much energy to turn around, it doesn’t matter anyway because you feel large strong arms wrap around your waist and you can’t help but be thankful for everything you have now. The arms around you tighten and your so comfortable you may just fall asleep right here in the open. Arms that could crush stone are so gentle around you and you can’t help but lean back because he’s so warm. He’s home to you and you can feel the soft lips against the back of your neck, and you start to just feel because you don’t want to think and your senses are telling you the same thing. You’re warm and comfortable and you can smell spices on him. He always smells of some food or other whether it is sweet or spicy sometimes even citrusy. When you tell him this he will smirk and tell you that it’s his bloodline and you know he has to eat and to shut up because you know you love it. You feel yourself nod agreeing full heartedly.

You watch the rain for a while and your mind is racing again because you are a genius and your mind won’t stop. Somehow he feels that you can’t concentrate on just one thing and he knows that you will get a migraine soon if you can’t stop. He’s smarter then he lets on and he’s emotionally more mature and aware then anyone in the village, and he just knows exactly what to do when your like this. You feel his arms shift and you know what’s coming and even though you’ll never admit it, you love feeling helpless in his arms. He picks you up bridal style and carries you through the front door to your bedroom. He never pokes fun at the fact that you have a submissive streak and like to be treated so sweetly, he just does it because he enjoys making you happy and you both know it.

Your house smells so delicious all the time and you have to hand it to him, he’s a fantastic cook. He's also a very clean person always picking up after your own laziness and he hasn’t complained once. You feel the soft bed against your back and he gently, always so gentle, lays you down and kisses your lips softly. He mummers to you that he’ll be right back. You watch him walk around the room his big form now mostly muscle, closes the blinds and lights a few candles. He then turns off the light and closes the blinds and you think that you’ve fallen for the mushiest romantic in the village. The rain pounds onto the roof and suddenly your thinking again a million different thoughts racing through your mind. Suddenly you are under his body and being kissed softly. He tells you that you’ll not be able to think after he’s done with you and god he so right because the one thing that fries your brain and leaves you lazier than the rain, is him giving you the best goddamn orgasm of your life.
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